Based on results of current research, it can -
Decrease muscle pain and soreness;
Increase range of motion of joints;
Reduce stress and promote relaxation;
Decrease anxiety and depression;
Boost the immune system;
Decrease blood pressure;
Promote healing of tissue;
Decrease the formation of scar tissue;
Relieve back pain;
Decrease symptoms of repetitive strain... 
Benefits of Massage
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N.C. Lic. #8524
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The best massage therapy is performed with the client's needs as primary, recognizing and honoring the individual.
What can massage offer you?
For relaxation and pampering;
To promote healing and easing of pain from chronic illness,  injury                   or surgery; 
For athletes and weekend warriors - to prepare  for - and/or      
           recover from - athletic events;
To ease emotional pain and increase a sense of well-being;
As part of a spiritual journey and/or a way to gain awareness of the 
Massage serves different purposes, depending on the person, depending on the day:
Massage is a tradition of healing, crossing through time and cultures.  At the most basic level, it offers human touch as an energetically positive, connecting, comforting - and thus, healing - experience.